Collection: do good collection

A beautifully curated collection of four candles hand-poured in white ceramic containers and topped with a bamboo lid. 

Our do good collection now comes with bamboo lids.  Each candle is 10 ounces. 

Each candle falls into one of the main four scent categories (fresh, floral, sweet & spicy, woody & earthy).

There is truly something for everyone in this collection that is sure to brighten any space as well as your mood.

elevate the every day.

Candles are a classic item in our homes and a timeless gift option. Candles are more than pretty. They illicit moods, feelings, and memories which make them an essential part of our self-care. In addition, candles are a memorable way to express that you care, to show encouragement, and gift joy to the special people in your life.