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do good collection

A beautifully curated collection of four candles hand-poured in white ceramic containers. Solid containers that could be repurposed as planters, cup holders, etc.

Each candle falls into one of the main four scent categories (fresh, floral, sweet & spicy, woody & earthy).

There is truly something for everyone in this collection that is sure to brighten any space as well as your mood.

be kind. is a fresh, clean scent that combines white tea and rainwater for an uplifting, pleasant aroma.   This candle will have your home smelling fresh and bright - like opening the windows to fresh air and sunshine.  It is made for a person who likes neutral colors, organization, and sunshine.  Perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, or other areas that need a fresh make-over.  This candle is 10 ounces of soy wax hand-poured in a white ceramic tumbler.

be kind.


choose joy.

choose joy.


give grace. is a warm comforting candle with the main note of plum that is balanced with citrus and black cherry.  The candle is rounded out with amber, sugar, and vanilla for sweetness and an earthy finish.   The balance of warmth and sweetness allows this to be a perfect year-round candle.  This well-rounded, exquisite scent will be a favorite for sure!  Perfect choice for gift giving.

give grace.


This candle's lovely notes of aloe and agave are combined with hints of patchouli, chrysanthemum, and calla lily.  Its inviting fragrance matches your playful, caring, and kind personality.  Great for living spaces, kitchens, bedrooms, and other areas where happiness and joy are needed.  10 ounces of soy wax is hand-poured in a white ceramic tumbler.

show love.


This item includes one of each of the candles in the do good collection - be kind. / choose joy. / give grace./ and show love.  Each 10 oz soy candle is hand-poured in a beautiful white ceramic container.  The four candles represent four main scent categories - fresh / wood & earthy / sweet & spicy / floral.

do good collection (full set)

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