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Have questions? Here are a few facts about our subscription!

What is included?

Three candles - each a different scent and vessel. Two scents will be unique to the subscription program and one will be a do good scent that is already loved by customers! The candles alone are over a $60 value.

But that is not all!

We value the love, support, and loyalty of our do good customers. Becoming a subscription member also makes you a "do good member" which will provide you a special code you can use at anytime during your membership program for 20% off your orders (not combined with other offers). This code will be honored online or, for those of you who are local, at in person events (yes! We will have these again some day!!).

Why did you start this program?

There are several reasons why I envisioned a subscription/membership program for do good. First of all, I wanted to explore and provide more scents, but did not want to have too overwhelming of selection online. This gives a chance to try new things.

I also was loving all the options available for vessels and, much like the scents, this program gives a chance to share a variety of options.

Additionally, I wanted to give loyal customers a chance to receive a discount at all times for their support and love of do good adventures.

Candles are more than containers with wax and fragrance. Fragrances illicit certain moods, emotions, and memories. A gift program is a special way to bring those memories and emotions to your home or to gift them to others. There is such a feeling of surprise and excitement when a subscription box arrives!

Can I give this as a gift?

Most definitely! At checkout, you will simply give the name and address of the person to whom you would like to gift. What a special gift this will be to receive every three months!!

What are your candles make of?

do good uses 100% natural soy wax to provide a clean burn. In addition, we use almost exclusively phthalate free fragrance oils which also provide a safe (also pet-safe!), clean burn.

What about shipping?

Shipping is included in your subscription price. All gift boxes will be shipped (no local pick-up for this item).

What if an item is damaged upon arrival?

No problem! Simply take a picture and email it to us (hello@dogood-adventures.com) and we will send you a replacement right away!