experience collection

The candles in this collection were created to evoke feelings associated with experiences, seasons, locations, and moments in our lives.
Lake season is the best season of the year!  The scent of this soy candle will bring back memories of amazing lake days and evenings and will elevate the summer days ahead.  This candle is poured in a sapphire blue straight-sided tumble and imprinted with waves and "the lake".  This 8.5-ounce soy candle has earthy notes of cedar, musk, and woody violet combined with lush florals, citrus, and eucalyptus.  All the scents of a summer day at the lake....and maybe an evening storm brewing in the distance.

the lake


fresh cut grass was one of the best-sellers in our summer collection in 2021.  For 2022, we are bringing it back as a special/limited edition candle.    Just like its name, fresh cut grass, is the classic scent of a freshly mowed lawn.  It's is pure summer in a candle and will bring you back to so many special moments in the backyard or playing in a park.

fresh cut grass

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The original vessel for this candle is back!!  This is a cheerful, beautiful, addicting candle scent that is very similar to the popular volcano-type candles.   Zesty citrus notes are rounded out with sugary tropical scents that create an explosion of tropical vibes and happiness.  The scent throw is strong both cold and hot.

santorini sunshine

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