Why I Created a Subscription Box/Membership program.......

Why I Created a Subscription Box/Membership program.......

A year ago, I was involved in an online business group called "Homeschool" through The School of Styling.  During this program, I gained a great deal of clarity on my business and where I wanted it to go.

I was able to visualize a company that thoughtfully curated candles to elevate the everyday.  I wanted to build a company that made beautiful, thoughtful candles and also gave back to the community.  Most importantly, I wanted to create high quality, unique, beautiful candles.

One dream I had during this time was to have some sort of program that would allow me the opportunity to create more scents and pour into different types of vessels.   The program would also allow do good customers to buy more of our candles and receive them with a fantastic discount.  The problem was knowing how many vessels to order and not having too many products in my inventory.

Through those ideas, the subscription box program was born.  It was such a win-win for so many reasons:

  • I was able to thoughtfully curate specific boxes for each season of the year.
  • I could order different vessels in a specific quantity based on membership (with a certain number for new members each quarter).
  • I could explore different scents that could potentially become a part of the do good adventures inventory (some of these are coming soon!).
  • I could provide a discount to those members as many were or have become my top customers (20% off all purchases).
  • I would have a membership group to turn to in the future to help with scent testing for seasonal collections and get feedback about do good adventures.  Their opinions are invaluable to me!
  • Members could experience the joy that comes from unboxing something unique and special.
  • do good adventures could provide a terrific gift option that keeps giving all year
  • A subscription box program allowed me to keep costs down so members receive a top-notch value for their candles (candles are less than $20 a piece!)

I love this program and am so very proud of the subscription boxes we have delivered so far.  I am continuing to evaluate this program to make it better and better.  

I do hope that you will consider being a part of the "do good" family by clicking on "subscription" on the top of our home page!  


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